Ranking Peace Of The Countries Of The World

When we think of peace we envision harmony and quiet, security and
tranquility. Peace is what we have when we are not surrounded by civil disturbances,
oppressive thoughts, actions or emotions; when we are in security we have peace.
To try and create the equation that allows us to formulate a meaningful ranking
of the “peace” of a nation is not easy. The choice of data we use to assign a
weight across various categories will in some ways predetermine a narrow view
of the definition of peace because every nation is built on different values,
different cultures, religions and beliefs yet by attempting to classify and rank
the countries by a certain peace ranking means we have benchmarks and ideals to
strive for, at least in the eyes of the researches compiling their data sets.
Peace is a concept that is much like a mandala or a web with a central point radiating
outwards. If peace is the central star of our mandala the supporting pillars would
be: a well-functioning and honest government, acceptance of the rights of others,
equitable distribution of resources, high levels of human capital, etc. etc. The
list and ranking of peaceful countries is separate from the list and ranking of
safe destinations for travel as tourism often showcases the best side of a country.
Highly secure tourist areas, resorts, hotels, parks, beaches and tourist attractions
can be very safe even when they are in a country that is not considered as being
very peaceful according to this list. It does however, help a traveler analyze
the potential location for a safe holiday. Like an intrinsic cycle, peace, like
conflict, can be both virtuous or vicious. Conflict and war can work as a process
where negative feedback is reinforced and vicious cycles of violence can be spawned
or perpetuated. Alternatively, as we seek peace, positive feedback loops are where
more positive and virtuous cycles are created and perpetuated. The ranking of
most peaceful countries in the world compiled with the hard work of the Institute
for Economics and Peace are based on criteria that includes measurements in over
160 countries in such categories as:

  • Number of victims of intentional homicide per 100,000 population, by sex
    and age
  • Percentage of the population subjected to physical, psychological or sexual
  • Proportion of people that feel safe walking alone around the area they live
  • Conflict-related deaths per 100,000 population
  • Level of perceived criminality in society
  • Levels of healthy lives and the nations actions to promote well-being for
    all at all ages


Rank of European Countries
Rank of North, South & Central America & The Caribbean
Rank of Oceania, Eurasia, Asia Pacific & South Asia
Rank of The Middle East, North Africa & Sub-Sahara Africa
Iceland 1
Denmark 2
Austria 3
New Zealand 4
Portugal 5
Czech Republic 6
Switzerland 7
Canada 8
Japan 9
Slovenia 10
Finland 11
Ireland 12
Bhutan 13
Sweden 14
Australia 15
Germany 16
Norway 17
Belgium 18
Hungary 19
Singapore 20
Netherlands 21
Poland 22
Mauritius 23
Slovakia 24
Spain 25
Croatia 26
Chile 27
Botswana 28
Bulgaria 29
Malaysia 30
Romania 31
Latvia 32
Costa Rica 33
Qatar 34
Uruguay 35
Estonia 36
Lithuania 37
Madagascar 38
Italy 39
Zambia 40
Taiwan 41
Indonesia 42
Sierra Leone 43
Ghana 44
Malawi 45
France 46
United Kingdom 47
Serbia 48
Panama 49
Mongolia 50
Kuwait 51
Laos 52
South Korea 53
Albania 54
Namibia 55
Timor-Leste 56
Montenegro 57
Tanzania 58
Vietnam 59
Bosnia and Herzegovina 60
United Arab Emirates 61
Equatorial Guinea 62
Lesotho 63
Tunisia 64
Moldova 65
Togo 66
Argentina 67
Mozambique 68
Nicaragua 69
Senegal 70
Cyprus 71
Benin 72
Liberia 73
Oman 74
Kazakhstan 75
Ecuador 76
Kosovo 77
Nepal 78
Gabon 79
Paraguay 80
Bolivia 81
Greece 82
Bangladesh 83
Trinidad and Tobago 84
Georgia 85
Cuba 86
Peru 87
Burkina Faso 88
Haiti 89
Swaziland 90
Morocco 91
The Gambia 92
Jamaica 93
Macedonia (FYR) 94
Guyana 95
Jordan 96
Sri Lanka 97
Angola 98
Papua New Guinea 99
Dominican Republic 100
Uganda 101
Guinea 102
United States of America 103
Cambodia 104
Brazil 105
Belarus 106
Turkmenistan 107
Algeria 108
Uzbekistan 109
Armenia 110
Honduras 111
El Salvador 112
Niger 113
Republic of the Congo 114
Myanmar 115
Guinea-Bissau 116
Guatemala 117
Cote d’ Ivoire 118
Ethiopia 119
China 120
Djibouti 121
Tajikistan 122
Mauritania 123
Kyrgyz Republic 124
Thailand 125
South Africa 126
Zimbabwe 127
Rwanda 128
Saudi Arabia 129
Cameroon 130
Kenya 131
Bahrain 132
Iran 133
Azerbaijan 134
Eritrea 135
Chad 136
Mali 137
Burundi 138
Philippines 139
Mexico 140
India 141
Egypt 142
Venezuela 143
Israel 144
Turkey 145
Lebanon 146
Colombia 147
Palestine 148
Nigeria 149
North Korea 150
Russia 151
Democratic Republic of the Congo 152
Pakistan 153
Libya 154
Sudan 155
Ukraine 156
Central African 157
Republic 158
Yemen 159
Somalia 160
Afghanistan 161
Iraq 162
South Sudan 163
Syria 164

Rank of European Countries
Rank of North, South & Central America & The Caribbean
Rank of Oceania, Eurasia, Asia Pacific & South Asia
Rank of The Middle East, North Africa & Sub-Sahara Africa

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