Greece – A Winter Destination

Among visitors and tourists, Greece is known for its sunshine, beautiful seas, extensive beachfront, and thousands of exotic islands. Not to under-emphasize the country’s enchanting summers, Greece also offers some of the most impressive mountainous destinations well suited for the winter vacation seeker.

In 2017 Greece ranked 53rd out of 136 countries as the safest for travel. The USA was ranked 84th, the UK ranked 78th and Canada 23rd in that year.

The Monastery of Rousanou was founded in

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Winter Vacation Deals

ICELAND | My Winter Vacation 😀

OPEN ME I blocked all my days off together and decided to meet up with my good friend, JOE, in Reykjavik, Iceland! it was an amazing trip, unfortunately I was ill …


The best Vacation destinations for winter ! Please comment and subscribe for more videos Information for video obtained from: Music for …

The best places to go in December

Whether you’re after some winter sun

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Canada – A Grand Space

Canada has got to be my very favorite place for her diversity of climates and ecologies and bio-diversity. Of course I was born in Canada so I may be a bit biased but when consider for a moment what I’ve seen and experienced in this huge country I still have to pinch myself!

The ocean air and blue skies are magical on the West Coast! The ferry at Horseshoe Bay took us to The Sunshine Coast where the pace

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