Free Beer! Brewery Tours Add Fizz To A Vacation

Brewery Tours are Great for Traveler’s Budgets

If you like a good brew, what’s better than free beer? How about learning how the brew is made, to give a better appreciation for the finished product? The stereotype of a brewery tour is schlepping through a factory to get the free samples at the end.

All aboard! Don’t fall of the wagon!!

While it is true there usually are free samples, one can actually learn a lot about the whole

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7 Peaceful Countries Worth Visiting

It’s difficult to ignore the tragic events that are occurring around the world, causing a lot of people to just prefer within the comforts of their home. But people are never meant to isolate themselves from the rest of the world so if you’re thinking “Where is the safest place to go on holidays?”, don’t worry because here are seven safe travel destinations for you to visit.


Japan – A peaceful Country

The Land of the Rising Sun

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5 Safe Countries For Travel

Safety is one of the major concerns for most people when choosing a vacation spot. This list highlights 5 of the safest, yet fun and family friendly destination countries for a family and single women/men on vacation. Please leave a comment and if you have a suggestion please add it in the comments section below and help other travelers and families!

1. Switzerland – This country is not only safe, but it was also ranked the happiest country on earth

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5 Safe Cities For Travel

Looking for a fun, yet safe city to explore with your family on the yearly family vacation? This list explores some of the safest, fun and breathtaking cities that you can visit with your family this year. Here is a list of top 5 safe destination cities for families and single women or men. Please leave a comment or make a suggestion for your choice of a favorite and safe city.

1. Geneva – The fact that a number of

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