Safe Iowa Vacation Ideas

Sometimes a vacation can be a visit to a nearby town or state. While a place like Iowa might not be a glamorous vacation spot in many people’s list it still has very affordable and safe attractions for Americans who want to stay at home or for visitors who want to get off the beaten track and explore some of the less advertised places in the USA for a safe family vacation.

Iowa has many historical sites and activities for

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10 Cities in California

California is often in the news and the media often portrays it as a violent place. Of course there have been violent attacks and the modern world has more and more dangers but California is one amazing state to visit especially when you go outside of the major tourist spots and hyped-up places the media loves to focus on.

According to the latest statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and are based on cities with at least 10,000 people

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5 Safe Tropical Destinations

The perfect vacation for most families and single men and women involves a beach, lots of swimming and warm sunshine. With a list like the one below, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to sunny tropical summer vacation destinations. Here are some of the of our top 5 safe destination sunny tropical beach summer vacation spots for families and single women or men.

1. Phuket, Thailand – Thailand has slowly risen to become one of the top

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The White City – Merida, Mexico

The warnings and dire consequences spoken about by the media with travel advisories have done much to put the traveller off Mexico. In fact when I began talking about moving to Mexico the Canadians I know threw up their hands in horror at what I was planning. No they screamed, what about drug cartels, dead bodies on the roadside, tourists being ripped off at all corners, bad food, unclean water the diseases.

Merida is called the White city, because

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Canada – A Grand Space

Canada has got to be my very favorite place for her diversity of climates and ecologies and bio-diversity. Of course I was born in Canada so I may be a bit biased but when consider for a moment what I’ve seen and experienced in this huge country I still have to pinch myself!

The ocean air and blue skies are magical on the West Coast! The ferry at Horseshoe Bay took us to The Sunshine Coast where the pace

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Hawaii – Kona to Volcano

My vacation to Hawaii was simply incredible for so many reasons! While I have travelled safely all over the world I found that my visit to the Hawaiin islands was idyllic due to the friendly residents and simplicity of the accomodations. While I arrived in my vacation to the six islands including Maui and Kauia which is the oldest and northernmost island in the Island chain which is graced with dramatic, natural beauty including volcanoes and lava caves and incredible

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