Cruise Vacations: Safety & Preparations To Ensure a Great Cruise

Taking a cruise can be an amazing experience so do your research to find the one that provides the best value for choice of destinations, safety and comfort.

Cruise lines, like airlines, are extremely concerned with passenger safety and aim to provide a positive experience for passengers. Rating cruise lines and vacation packages can be a subjective undertaking but there are ways to create a list of the best and safest cruise lines available.

Our ratings are derived from

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5 Safe Tropical Destinations

The perfect vacation for most families and single men and women involves a beach, lots of swimming and warm sunshine. With a list like the one below, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to sunny tropical summer vacation destinations. Here are some of the of our top 5 safe destination sunny tropical beach summer vacation spots for families and single women or men.

1. Phuket, Thailand – Thailand has slowly risen to become one of the top

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Reykjavik – An Icelandic Dream

Clouds, the ocean, dark lava rocks and tough foliage create an awesome vision on this island so aptly named Iceland!

A couple of years ago, I packed up my life and moved from Middle-of-Nowhere, USA to Germany. Prior to making the big move, I had about a month between the end of my commitments in the U.S. and the day I needed to be in Germany, so I decided to ship my belongings ahead of me and take the

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Viti Levu – Travels in Fiji

BULA! It can be a long flight to Fiji depending on where you are flying in from. You will land at the Nandi international airport on the main island of Viti Levu. From there you will transfer to a smaller plane or boat and you will end up on a boat to get to your resort of final destination. While Viti Levu is an interesting place to visit the best of Fiji ocean views are the smaller beach islands.

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Kia Ora – Welcome to New Zealand

Flying into Wellington’s airport you see this little green dot appear out of the ocean and as you get closer you notice all the tiny little white dots on the landscape. As the plane prepares to land you realize yep those are sheep, lots and lots of sheep. On board the plane the New Zealanders themselves are gearing up to get home, putting on their hiking boots, even babies have hiking boots in New Zealand. If you are lucky you

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Vatnajökull Glacier – The Ice of Iceland

My travels to Iceland were one of my fondest travel memories. The idea of visiting Iceland had always appealed to me and since it was a country I’d often heard about how safe it was to visit especially for a single woman travelling alone. Iceland has the history of the Vikings still pulsing in the hearts of the residents.

To see the glaciers of Iceland from the air is to appreciate the brutal forces of nature than exist on

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Hawaii – Kona to Volcano

My vacation to Hawaii was simply incredible for so many reasons! While I have travelled safely all over the world I found that my visit to the Hawaiin islands was idyllic due to the friendly residents and simplicity of the accomodations. While I arrived in my vacation to the six islands including Maui and Kauia which is the oldest and northernmost island in the Island chain which is graced with dramatic, natural beauty including volcanoes and lava caves and incredible

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Tahiti – Queen of The Pacific

The beauty of the Tahitian Islands is unmatched and I can still see the thatched-roof bungalows we slept in that were perched above the deep turquoise lagoon waters. One of my safest travel destinations, especially when I travelled alone exploring the deep lagoons filled with tropical fish made this one of the best solo snorkeling vacation trips I have ever gone on.

Reminding me of my trip to Hawaii the rugged green mountains on Tahiti against the Pacific blue

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