Grottos of Betharram : An Underground Treasure of France

In all their diversity, the Bétharram Caves hold the key to the formation of nearly all caves, be they dead or living.They consist of five levels stacked on top of each other like storeys of a house, with the levels having been hollowed out at different times.

Situated 15 km from Lourdes and 25 km from Pau in a scenic environment next to a river, visiting the Caves of Betharram could be combined with a picnic and even fishing.

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Safe Destinations For Solo Women Travelers

Traveling alone was a taboo for women even a few decades back. But things have changed now and women are traveling alone to spend their vacations in some of the exotic places of the world! Not all places are safe for single women. There are many countries where incidents of raping lone female travelers are common and these places should thus be avoided. Not only sexual or physical assault, single women may fall victims to other offenses as well.


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European Travel: When to Go

I love Paris in the Springtime. I love Paris in the Fall! Cole Porter said it best when he wrote of his love for this European city. Anytime is a perfect time to travel to Europe! However, there are more practical times than others to venture overseas for a visit. With the American economy down in the dumps these days, everyone is looking to save money, but that doesn’t mean that we must forego the pleasures of life, such as

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France – Baguettes & Crème de Menthe

There is absolutely nothing better than being in Paris at night and being near the glowing, brightly lit, iconic Eiffel Tower! The poetry and romance of this place is nothing beyond heart warming!

I have been to France twice now for very different reasons. The first was with my study abroad program. We toured Paris with an academic eye and a newcomers’ excitement. We ate pastries along the Seine, drank espresso at cafes near the Eiffel Tower and bustled

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European Countries & Muslim Threats

People wishing to travel should check their local Department of Foreign Affairs for the most up to date cautions and alerts for travels. With recent events in France and Belgium and an growing problem with Muslim unrest in popular countries around the Mediterranean Sea, more guides and maps are being created to highlight which are the safest countries to visit when large terror attacks are occurring.

Changes to the terrorist attack level will change the safety factor for a

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