Free Beer! Brewery Tours Add Fizz To A Vacation

Brewery Tours are Great for Traveler’s Budgets

If you like a good brew, what’s better than free beer? How about learning how the brew is made, to give a better appreciation for the finished product? The stereotype of a brewery tour is schlepping through a factory to get the free samples at the end.

All aboard! Don’t fall of the wagon!!

While it is true there usually are free samples, one can actually learn a lot about the whole

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Safest Countries in Europe

The safest countries in Europe for tourism and travel. These are rated out of 10.

Safest countries in Europe based on crime/homicide rates and drugs and crime, likelihood of terrorism and terrorism casualties, police force effectiveness, costs of security within the country on business, reliability of protection services, rates of property crime and violence.

Regional Rank Country 2017 2016 1 Finland 9.57 9.6 2 Iceland 9.43 9.3 3 Norway 9.14 8.7 4 Switzerland 9.14 9 5 Austria 9 9.2 6

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Peace Rank of European Countries

Despite recent events and media focus on negative aspects of society Europe is still considered one of the most peaceful geographical region in the world when looking at the factors correlated by the Global Peace Initiative which include the number and duration of internal conflicts, number of jailed population on a comparative base and the levels of violent crimes and homicides. One of the biggest advances in the ranking for peace came in Portugal which was helped by stability returning

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