Peace Rank of European Countries

Despite recent events and media focus on negative aspects of society Europe is still considered one of the most peaceful geographical region in the world when looking at the factors correlated by the Global Peace Initiative which include the number and duration of internal conflicts, number of jailed population on a comparative base and the levels of violent crimes and homicides. One of the biggest advances in the ranking for peace came in Portugal which was helped by stability returning

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France – Baguettes & Crème de Menthe

There is absolutely nothing better than being in Paris at night and being near the glowing, brightly lit, iconic Eiffel Tower! The poetry and romance of this place is nothing beyond heart warming!

I have been to France twice now for very different reasons. The first was with my study abroad program. We toured Paris with an academic eye and a newcomers’ excitement. We ate pastries along the Seine, drank espresso at cafes near the Eiffel Tower and bustled

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Austria – Waltzes and Vienna

It was March and I was looking for a weekend trip destination. I was more than halfway through my semester abroad and had already made trips to places on my bucket list. Now I wanted something new and different, something I hadn’t thought of yet.

It also happened to be my birthday. I don’t remember which brilliant friend of mine threw out the idea of going to Austria but I seconded the notion immediately, images of snow-topped mountains and warm

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Liechtenstein – The Big Little Country

The clear air of Liechtenstein makes the countryside extra piquant! The vineyards on the slopes of the rocky mountains and the castles and palaces throughout this small country make it a super vacation spot.

While some European countries are undergoing political and social strife and turmoil like Greece or Spain there are some smaller lesser-known countries that most people rarely speak of but I found one of the safest places in Europe was the small little country of Lichtenstein,

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Bergen – Norwegian fjords

Scandinavia is a notoriously safe region to travel and the port city of Bergen, Norway is no exception; it’s the perfect introduction to the people, culture, and nature of this area of Northern Europe. The only thing dangerous about this city is the prices! They could do some real harm to your wallet if you aren’t careful. This is also nothing out of the ordinary for Scandinavia though, where a simple beer can cost upwards of $10-$12.

The port

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Reykjavik – An Icelandic Dream

Clouds, the ocean, dark lava rocks and tough foliage create an awesome vision on this island so aptly named Iceland!

A couple of years ago, I packed up my life and moved from Middle-of-Nowhere, USA to Germany. Prior to making the big move, I had about a month between the end of my commitments in the U.S. and the day I needed to be in Germany, so I decided to ship my belongings ahead of me and take the

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Canada – A Grand Space

Canada has got to be my very favorite place for her diversity of climates and ecologies and bio-diversity. Of course I was born in Canada so I may be a bit biased but when consider for a moment what I’ve seen and experienced in this huge country I still have to pinch myself!

The ocean air and blue skies are magical on the West Coast! The ferry at Horseshoe Bay took us to The Sunshine Coast where the pace

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Vatnajökull Glacier – The Ice of Iceland

My travels to Iceland were one of my fondest travel memories. The idea of visiting Iceland had always appealed to me and since it was a country I’d often heard about how safe it was to visit especially for a single woman travelling alone. Iceland has the history of the Vikings still pulsing in the hearts of the residents.

To see the glaciers of Iceland from the air is to appreciate the brutal forces of nature than exist on

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