Winter Vacation Deals

ICELAND | My Winter Vacation 😀

OPEN ME I blocked all my days off together and decided to meet up with my good friend, JOE, in Reykjavik, Iceland! it was an amazing trip, unfortunately I was ill …


The best Vacation destinations for winter ! Please comment and subscribe for more videos Information for video obtained from: Music for …

The best places to go in December

Whether you’re after some winter sun

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Safest Countries in The Americas & Caribbean

The safest countries in North America, The Caribbean & South America for tourism and travel. These are rated out of 10. Safest countries in the Caribbean, North America and South America are based on crime/homicide rates and drugs and crime, likelihood of terrorism and terrorism casualties, police force effectiveness, costs of security within the country on business, reliability of protection services, rates of property crime and violence.

REGIONAL RANK COUNTRY 2017 2016 1 Canada 8.71 8.6 2 Chile 8.14 8.5

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Safe Destinations For Solo Women Travelers

Traveling alone was a taboo for women even a few decades back. But things have changed now and women are traveling alone to spend their vacations in some of the exotic places of the world! Not all places are safe for single women. There are many countries where incidents of raping lone female travelers are common and these places should thus be avoided. Not only sexual or physical assault, single women may fall victims to other offenses as well.


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Peace Rank of North, South & Central America & The Caribbean

The United States rose higher in the ranking of most peaceful countries in the world and while Canada dropped in position it still was the top ranked country for peace in the region and much of the hemisphere. The Caribbean and much of Central America showed improvements in rankings based in part on the low levels of militarism but internal conflicts and division of wealth and power can still be issues as well as the displacement of citizens in places

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7 Peaceful Countries Worth Visiting

It’s difficult to ignore the tragic events that are occurring around the world, causing a lot of people to just prefer within the comforts of their home. But people are never meant to isolate themselves from the rest of the world so if you’re thinking “Where is the safest place to go on holidays?”, don’t worry because here are seven safe travel destinations for you to visit.


Japan – A peaceful Country

The Land of the Rising Sun

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Canada – A Grand Space

Canada has got to be my very favorite place for her diversity of climates and ecologies and bio-diversity. Of course I was born in Canada so I may be a bit biased but when consider for a moment what I’ve seen and experienced in this huge country I still have to pinch myself!

The ocean air and blue skies are magical on the West Coast! The ferry at Horseshoe Bay took us to The Sunshine Coast where the pace

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